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'After one session the sensation is fantastic, the body and the mind are again in balance. I really recommend you to try out Louis' massage'

'This Senergize Thai massage experience was one that left me feeling more relaxed and calm than when I arrived after a stressful day at work. The gentle music and calm surroundings made me feel relaxed from the very beginning. Louis was professional and knowledgeable throughout, so much so, I've already booked another follow up session.'
Bev, London

'Louis has a quiet and relaxed way of teaching. I feel immediately at home. He is open to questions, and he provides a clear explanation. It's nice to have lessons from him. The lessons I can use to practice and to do my assignments, before my final exam. Great!'
Chandrika, Hilversum

'I had a great massage with Louis a few weeks ago, his massage made me feel really relaxed and I felt he had relieved a lot of the tension I have in my shoulders. Highly recommend and will be returning!'
Cleo, London


'Louis is extremely warm and welcoming, and provides a fantastic calm atmosphere. He took time to any issues or concerns that caused the visit and honed in on trouble spots to ease them. Louis did a fantastic job on treating the shoulder issues I have been having (and a few others I didn’t even realise were there) and left feeling better than I have in months; will definitely be retuning!'

Dan, London


'Very relaxing experience. I booked deep tissue massage to relieve some tension in my upper back and felt immediately better. It was just the right amount of pressure and I especially appreciate some helpful tips I was given to avoid back pain. Definitely recommend!'

Dominika, London

'Louis has magic hands. His deep tissue massages always leave me feeling better in myself and my discomfort. I would recommend him to anyone.'

Felicity, London

'Forgot how much I ❤️ Thai yoga massage! Just had an awesome treatment with Louis Divine. Like yoga for lazy people- you don't have to do anything and r just stretched like putty.'

Jeff, Marlow

'Speaking as a long term practitioner of the Hatha Yoga, I have to say that the ‘Senergize’ Thai Massage Yoga was the best massage I have ever experienced! It was, as I said to Louis, ‘the lazy man’s full on yoga session without any effort whatsoever’! I found the pressure on the energy lines and points and the variety of stretching movements totally relaxing and invigorating. By the end of the massage I could feel my body’s natural energy flowing freely, all tension had dissolved and a wonderful sense of well-being pervaded my senses. It was almost a spiritual experience. I am hooked. Thank you Louis Divine!!'
Janice, London

'Louis's TYM is a sort of ''healing'' experience, with muscle therapy and meditation combined. I came out feeling like I had drifted off somewhere exotic - what an excellent way to get rid of our daily stresses and winter blues! it inspires you to return for more... PLUS it's in a wonderful setting overlooking his lovely garden.'
Jo, Amsterdam


'Louis was great! He made sure that the pressure was okay; I had my back neck and shoulders done, really hit the points that were problematic. Really delightful guy. would definitely return.'

Kelly, London

'Louis is great - he made me feel at home, and helped fix my issues (woohoo!). Definitely recommend :)'
Laura, London

'Incredibly good and professional. The massage was just what I needed for my neck pain. The ambience was just perfect to relax. I would definitely recommend going there.'

Ilaria, London

'Louis was very skilled and relaxed and could find the pressure points easily. He had an eye for details – where to put my hands, keeping them in the right position and correcting me if I moved them. I was very relaxed during and after the massage.'

Marlies, Amsterdam


'Louis has a wonderful touch, with his attentive, soothing and flowing practice manner I felt deeply cared for and safe. I was rendered almost speechless at the end in a very good way, I was so relaxed and 'out there' I could barely remember my name. It is a wonderful thing he does to make someone feel so relaxed and centred.  Just Divine, this man lives up to his name!'
Niki, London

Conveniently located from Kings X station, Louis’ welcome was warm and friendly the moment stepping into his place. From boxing/yoga/circuit training/working at a desk Mon-Fri, my neck & shoulders have become a knotty mess + started to become painful, so I booked for a deep tissue massage. The initial consultation was thorough, Louis was super attentive, as this was my first visit, addressing my lifestyle, areas of concern and sports activity past and present, to adapt the therapy unique for me. After chatting, he suggested to include Thai yoga in today’s session too, which I’ve never had before. It was welcome as my shoulders and legs needed all the help it can get! He asked the pressure levels to adapt you, and his attentiveness to my pain thresholds on my shoulders was thoughtful. The head massage after was wonderful after too, I was so chilled. The hour went quick, the massage was the most effective I have had from anyone in a while. I arrived stressed from work, and left Louis super relaxed after. I’m definitely returning - thanks so much Louis!

Peu, London

'I have a sore neck/shoulder so booked in last minute with Louis. I was struggling to move my head properly so was hoping for some help. Louis took the time to understand my pain and provided treatment to suit my needs I started feeling better about 5 mins in and by the end felt a million times better. He was communicative throughout re: pressure and pain and overall extremely professional. Thanks Louis! You've really, really helped.'

Ruth-Louise, London

'Louis made me feel very comfortable before and during the massage, regularly checking that the pressure applied was not causing any pain and encouraging deep breathing - which made the whole experience very relaxing. He is also very attentive to detail, overall a great treatment. Thank you!'

Sibel, London

Louis is a very skilled massage therapist. In addition, he is calm, welcoming and polite. At first I was a little bit nervous as it was a first reservation. Yet there was nothing to worry about it. I got Deep Tissue Massage for 1 hour which consisted of Thai massage and oil massage when I told some tension on my neck and upper back. His massage helped to ease them. The room was peaceful because you can see stunning view from the windows and lots of plants in the room. Highly recommend.

Yukiro, London


Senergize Thai Yoga Massage in London



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